Students: Rosemary Grant Awards

Contributed by kjm34 on Jun 07, 2017 - 08:47 PM

Congratulations to the 27 graduate students who were selected to receive a Rosemary Grant Research Award from the SSE!  

The goal of these grants is to identify and support innovative and potentially high impact research by beginning graduate students. These awards represent over $60,000 per year of investment into research by our doctoral student members.

These awards are to assist students in the early stages of their Ph.D. programs by enabling them to collect preliminary data (to pursue additional sources of support) or to enhance the scope of their research beyond current funding limits (e.g. by visiting additional field sites, or working at other labs). Students need to confirm that the proposed work is outside any funding already held by the student or advisor.



2017 Recipients

Amanda Benoit, University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Advisor: Susan Kalisz
Catherine Chen, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. Advisor: Karin Pfennig
Marion Donald, Rice University. Advisor: Tom Miller
Ryan Dunk, Syracuse University. Advisor: Jason Wiles
Marie Fan, Monash University. Advisor: Anne Peters
Jimena Golcher-Benavides, University of Wyoming. Advisor: Catherine E. Wagner
Valentina Gomez, University of Illinois at Chicago. Advisor: Boris Igic
Kathryn Grabenstein, University of Colorado, Boulder. Advisor: Scott Taylor
Molly Hetherington-Rauth, University of Toronto Mississsauga. Advisor: Marc Johnson
Johanna Jantzen, University of Florida. Advisor: Pamela Soltis
Emily Kopania, University of Montana. Advisor: Jeffrey Good
Joseph McGirr, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. Advisor: Christopher Martin
Britany Morgan, Duke University. Advisor: Kathleen Donohue
Victoria Morgan, UC Davis. Advisor: Rick Grosberg
Nina Pak
, UC Berkeley. Advisor: Patrick O'Grady
Giulia Irene Maria Pasquesi, University of Texas at Arlington. Advisor: Todd Castoe
Anna Peschel, University of Minnesota. Advisor: Ruth Shaw
Alice Shanfelter, University of Georgia. Advisor: Michael White
Kum Shim, University of Texas at Austin. Advisor: Daniel Bolnick
Megan Smith, Ohio State University. Advisor: Bryan Carstens
Ana Mafalda Sousa Ferreira, University of Porto. Advisor: Jose Melo-Ferreira
Maria Stager, University of Montana. Advisor: Zachary Cheviron
Benjamin Stone, Ohio State University. Advisor: Andrea Wolfe
Benjamin Van Doren, University of Oxford. Advisor: Sonya Clegg
Michael Yuan, University of California, Berkeley. Advisor: Ian Wang
Linyi Zhang, Rice University. Advisor: Scott Egan
Serena Zhao, University of Texas at Austin. Advisor: Nancy Moran