Sponsorship Highlights: SSE Sponsorship Highlight: COLEVOL

Contributed by kjm34 on Apr 10, 2018 - 07:00 PM

SSE sponsors and funds a variety of exciting initiatives to further the study of evolution and engage a diversity of people in research. This month we highlight the Colombian Association for Evolutionary Biology [1] (COLEVOL) Symposium. SSE has contributed funds to this program for several years, including last year’s meeting in Cali, Colombia. Continue reading to hear from Franchesco Molina Henao, who helped organize last year’s meeting, about how SSE funding helped them achieve their goals.

“The Colombian Association for Evolutionary Biology (COLEVOL) is extremely grateful to SSE for sponsoring our VI COLEVOL National Symposium at the Universidad del Valle, Cali, Colombia on August 18th19th, 2017. Our symposium hosted 294 attendees from 11 countries and 42 institutions that enjoyed the talks from the following six keynote speakers: Giacomo Bernardi (University of California, Santa Cruz), Liliana M. Dávalos (Stony Brook University), Rosemary Gillespie (University of California, Berkeley), Chris D. Jiggins (University of Cambridge), Natalia Pabón Mora (Universidad de Antioquia, Colombia), George Roderick (University of California, Berkeley), and John J. Wiens (University of Arizona). Moreover, 28 talks and 48 poster presentations on different topics such as biogeography, ecology, evo-devo, paleontology, physiology, population genetics, and systematics, among others, were presented during the meeting. SSE support allowed us to cover registration fees, transportation, or lodging costs for students from historically underrepresented regions or institutions. This meeting was also planned to increase the academic exchange between participants and to encourage future collaborations between attendees. We are convinced that with the SSE support we are helping to promote evolutionary biology studies in our region as well as fostering international collaborations.” - Franchesco Molina Henao

Thank you for allowing SSE to continue to support initiatives like this one through your dues, donations, and publishing with Evolution and Evolution Letters!

  1. http://visimposiocolevol.correounivalle.edu.co/