Tell Your Story at Evolution 2019! Call for Story Collider Submissions

Contributed by kjm34 on Apr 11, 2019 - 03:39 PM

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Tell your story at Evolution 2019!

Stories are powerful. Whether hilarious or heartbreaking, subversive or soothing, it matters who takes the stage and what stories are told. We want to hear yours and highlight the diverse voices of evolutionary biology!

On June 23, 2019, The Story Collider will host a very special edition of our live show at the Evolution Meetings in Providence. This event is organized by the ASN, SSE, and SSB Diversity Committees, with funds from each of the three societies. We are searching for five people to share true, personal stories on the theme ‘Outside the Distribution.’

All you need at this point is the seed of an idea for your story. It can be about almost anything—an important experiment, a rough day in the field, misadventure, love, loss, and more; but it must be about you. Our format does not include slides or props. It’s not the place for lectures. It’s about lived experiences. Exotic locations and exciting action never hurt, but what we care about is how you’ve grown as a result of the events in your life. If you’re selected for the show, experienced Story Collider producers will work with you for more than a month to help you prepare.

Send a brief pitch to with “Evolution Story Idea” in the subject. The deadline for pitches is May 3, 2019. If you are curious or would like some inspiration, read more at or browse The Story Collider podcast archive at

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