Small Grants Program for Local and Regional Outreach Promoting the Understanding of Evolutionary Biology

This is a call for proposals from SSE members for support for local and regional educational outreach activities to take place during 2019. It is our hope that these projects will lead to ongoing outreach collaboration in future years.  Preference will be given to new collaborations, but extensions of previous projects that have evidence of success are allowed. Proposals will be accepted until January 18, 2019.

Guidelines for applying for funds to support SSE 2019 outreach projects are as follows:

  1. Proposal: Clearly but briefly state your plans in NO MORE THAN one single-spaced page.
  2. Amounts requested may be up to $1000. Include a short justification for the use of the funds.  Indicate any additional matching funds and include letters of commitment from collaborative partners.  NOTE: Projects under $500 will receive funds upon award.  Projects from $500 - $1000 will receive funds upon completion of the project and submission of receipts.
  3. Send your request by email attachment (subject heading 'SSE Outreach 2019') to Robert Pennock [] no later than 18 January 2019.

Applications will be ranked by an SSE Education Committee working group according to the following criteria:

  1. Clarity and quality of the proposed evolution outreach activity;
  2. Expected impact in terms of reaching a critical or broad audience;
  3. Evidence, in the form of matching funds, of partnership outside of your immediate academic department;
  4. Indication as to how the project might lead to new or ongoing successful outreach collaborations.

We expect to fund in the range of 10-20 projects, with announcement of awards to take place by February 1, 2019.

Examples of past outreach activities have included public lectures, exhibits, student competitions, and professional development events for teachers. We especially encourage proposals that focus on discussing and implementing evolution education reforms recommended in the Vision & Change in Undergraduate Biology Education: Chronicling Change, Inspiring the Future report <> or on dialogues between undergraduate instructors and K-12 teachers around the new emphasis on evolution in the AP Biology Curriculum Framework <> and the Next Generation Science Standards <>. We look forward to your applications!

Even if you are not interested in applying for funding from the SSE, we encourage you to engage through whatever means are at your disposal in opportunities to promote public understanding of evolutionary biology.


Previous Winners  


Claire Adrian-Tucci - NCSE 
Idalia C. Rojas Barrera - Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
Mattheau Comerford - Rice University 
Reese Fulgenzi - University of Virginia 
Carlos Guarnizo - Ciencia Café Pa Sumerce 
Scott Hotaling; et al - Washington State University 
Stacy Krueger-Hadfield; Sarah Adkins - Univ of Alabama at Birmingham 
Andrew Larson - Columbus Signature Academy New Tech High School
Maria Pilar Herrera - Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos 
Molly Selba - Univ of Florida 
Rohini Singh; Erin Doody & Melina Gyaparki - Univ. of Pennsylvania 
Melanie Smee - Cornell Univ. 
Sheela Turbek - Univ. of Colorado, Boulder 
Ghada Yousif; Sara Mitri; Khaled Elsayed 


Logan Cole - Indiana University
Nicole Freidenfields - Tolland Public Schools
Joseph Jalinsky - University of Iowa
Harald Parzer - Fairleigh Dickinson University
Jon Perry - Stated Clearly
Todd Pierson - University of Tennessee Knoxville
Matthew Rubin - Syracuse University
Molly Martell - University of Florida


Henry Arenas-Castro & Wendy Valencia - Colombian Network for Evolutionary Biology
Larry Bowman & Daniel MacGuigan - Yale University
Cory Kohn & Mike Wiser - Michigan State University
Chris Torres - University of Texas - Austin
Marco Cocito-Monoc - LSU Museum of Natural Science
Riley Graham - University of Pennsylvania
Nicole Gunter - Cleveland Museum of Natural History
Liz Landis - Tufts University
Kathryn Massana - University of Tennessee - Knoxville
Robin Tinghitella - University of Denver
Eric Wice - Rice University
Su'ad Yoon - University of Nevada - Reno
Alex Berry - University of Pennsylvania Alex Hall - University of Texas - Arlington


Christopher Balakrishnan & Dustin Foote - East Carolina University
Emily Behrman - University of Pennsylvania
Kevin Burls & Cynthia Scholl - University of Nevada, Reno
Theodore Garland - University of California, Riverside
Jacqualine Grant - Southern Utah University
Eric Meikle - National Center for Science Education
John Niedzwiecki - Belmont University
EEB Program Graduate Students - Rice University
Beatriz Otero-Jimenez - University of Michigan
Catherine Peichel & Carole Tanner - Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
William Ratcliff - Georgia Tech University
Stanley Rice - Southeastern Oklahoma State University
Stacey Smith - University of Colorado
Mehmet Somel - Middle East Technical University
Angela Stathos - University of Montana
Eric von Wettberg - Florida International University
Jennifer Weber - Fordham University
Emily Weigel - Michigan State University


Kaitlin Bonner - Oregon State University, OR, USA
Dale Broder - Colorado State University , CO, USA
Sarah Fitzpatrick - Colorado State University , CO, USA
Dr. Andrea Gloria-Soria - Yale University, CT, USA
John T. Lovell - Colorado State University, CO, USA
Dr. Barbara Lundrigan - Michigan State University, MI, USA
Dr. Muaro Mandriolo - University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, ITALY
Julia Spalding-Beegles - Denver Museum of Nature & Science, CO, USA



Dr. Paula Cushing - Denver Museum of Natural History, CO, USA
Kevin Deitz - Texas A&M University, TX, USA
Sarah Eddy - Oregon State University, OR, USA
Dr. Norman Johnson - University of Massachusets, MA, US
David Kikuchi - University of North Carolina, NC, USA
Dr. Barbara Lundrigan - Michigan State University, MI, USA
Dr. Emilie Snell-Rood - University of Minnesota, MN, USA
Dr. Philip Barnes - Connecticut College, CT, USA


Dr. Clement Kent - York University, Ontario, CANADA
Dr. Levi Morran - Indiana University, IN, USA 
Aman Gill - Stony Brook University, NY, USA
Dr. Jim Smith - Lyman Briggs College, MI, USA
Alexandra Sá Pinto and Dr. Rita Campos - CIBIO-UP (ICETA), PORTUGAL


Dr. Juan Arroyo - Universidad de Seville, SPAIN
Dr. Luciano Javier Avila - Centro Nacional Patagonico, ARGENTINA
Dr. Alex Badyaev - University of Arizona, AZ, USA
Dr. Peter Berendzen - University of Northern Iowa, IA, USA
Dr. Paula Cushing - Denver Museum of Nature & Science, CO, USA
Dr. Dany Garant - Université de Sherbrooke. Quebec, CANADA
Dr. Root Gorelick - Carleton University, Ontario, CANADA
Dr. Stephen Heard - University of New Brunswick, New Brunswick, CANADA
Dr. Valentina Islas - University of St Andrews, UNITED KINGDOM
Dr. Christopher Ivey - California State University, CA, USA
Kimberley Kandros - North Carolina Museum of Natural Science, NC, USA
Dr. Jeremy Kirchman - New York State Museum, NY, USA
Dr. Richard Kliman - Cedar Crest College, PA, USA
Dr. Sophie Lardy - Société Écologique à Responsabilité Limitée, FRANCE
Dr. Enrique Lessa - Universidad de la República, URUGUAY
Dr. Barbara Lundrigan - Michigan State University, MI, USA
Tara Maginness - St Edwards University, TX, USA
Dr. Louise Mead - National Centre for Science Education, CA, USA
Dr. Francesc Mestres - Universitat de Barcelona, SPAIN
Dr. John Niedzwiecki - Belmont University, TN, USA
Erik Pietrowicz - University of Southern Maine, ME, USA
Dr. Margaret Ptacek - Clemson University, SC, USA
Dr. Rosie Redfield - University of British Columbia, British Columbia, CANADA
Dr. Ingo Schlupp - University of Oklahoma, OK, USA
Dr. Antonio Guillén - Servent Instituto de Ecología, A. C., MEXICO
Dr. Nancy Staub - Gonzaga University, WA, USA
Dr. Richard Thomas - Southern Illinois University, IL, USA
Dr. Lisa Wallace - Mississippi University, MI, USA

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