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Student Council


GSAC at the Evolution 2017 meeting
From left: Jodie Wiggins, Melissa E. Kemp, Aide Macias Muñoz, Megan Kobiela, Cathy Rushworth, Daren Card


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Current SSE GSAC Council Members


a Jodie Wiggins
Member 2017-2019, Chair 2018
jodiewiggins18 [at]
I am a postdoc at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville working with the Phylotastic project. I am interested in all things evolution and am currently working to develop classroom resources to make the biological tree of life more accessible.



Megan Kobiela
Member 2016-2018, Chair 2017
I am a PhD candidate at the University of Minnesota studying how animals respond to toxins, both natural and anthropogenic in origin.



Daren Card
Member 2017-2018
I am a PhD student in Todd Castoe’s lab at the University of Texas, Arlington, where I am working to understand the genetics of adaptation in natural vertebrate populations.



José Cerca
Member 2018-2019
I am a PhD student in Evolutionary Genomics and Zoology at the University of Oslo (Norway). I study evolutionary processes and genome architecture in cryptic species complexes.


Liz Lange
Member 2018-2020, Chair 2019
I am a PhD candidate at Florida State University studying the maintenance of variation in life history and behavioral strategies in fish.



Melissa Plakke
Member 2018-2019
I am a PhD candidate at the University of Pittsburgh where I am currently studying reproductive coevolution and its potential for driving speciation in butterflies.


Student Awards

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W. D. Hamilton Award

T. H. Huxley Award

R .A. Fisher Prize

Outreach grants

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Past GSAC Members 



Cathy Rushworth
Member 2013-2017, Chair 2013-2016





Melissa E. Kemp
Member 2016-2017





Aide Macias Muñoz
Member 2016-2017





Karl Grieshop
Member 2014-2016


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