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Awards & Grants: Travel Awards for Evolution 2018

Contributed by kjm34 on Mar 26, 2018 - 08:42 PM

This year SSE is granting more than $100,000 in travel awards to help graduate students and postdoctoral fellows attend the Second Joint Congress on Evolutionary Biology in Montpellier. Email notifications have now been sent to the >100 selected awardees. Thank you to our 2017 donors who allowed us to fund extra travel awards!

If any selected awardees do not register for the meeting before the registration cap is reached, their awards will be offered to those on the waitlist who have registered. We regret we could not grant awards to all of the more than 400 applicants, and we encourage those who did not receive an award this year to apply for one of our many awards in the future:

Travel awards to the meeting:
Graduate/Postdoc Travel Awards
International Committee Travel Stipend

Research funding:
Graduate Research Excellence Grants

Recognition of research accomplishments:
Dobzhansky Prize
R. A. Fisher Prize
W. D. Hamilton Award

Outreach activity sponsorship:
Small Grants Program for Local and Regional Outreach Promoting the Understanding of Evolutionary Biology
T.H. Huxley Award

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